Win A Skype Call With Victor Lax

Masters of Wedding Photography

Win A Skype Call With Victor Lax

A 1 on 1 Skype session with Victor Lax!

You can ask him all you want for 1 hour; technical problems you are facing, creative blocks, marketing tools, whatever you want.

It's also possible to show a series of one whole wedding to get some critique and suggestions to make the series better.

Who wins this Skype session?

All award winning photos of the next (3rd) round will be placed together in one folder. Next to the folder we will set a timer of X seconds, X is the amount of awards in this round. When the timer starts, we start rouletting the winning photos in this folder. The photo that shows when the timer is fished, that photographer will win the Skype session with Victor.

Everybody who wins an award this round has a chance. The more awards you win, the bigger your chance is.

We will notify the winner in the first week of April. We want to set up a live stream through periscope or a webinar so everyone can join us.

Does that sound like fun?

Please visit the website of Victor Lax for his amazing portfolio.

photo by Victor Lax


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