Welcome Image Salon As New Sponsor

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Welcome Image Salon As New Sponsor

The Image Salon gives 3 x $100,- vouchers to the top 3 photographers after the first 4 rounds!

Here's an introduction of what the Image Salon can do for you:

"We are The Image Salon- we are a team of working photographers, brought together by international, award-winning photographers Davina and Daniel Kudish. We work out of our studio in downtown Montreal, Canada to the sound of 90s pop music... or country classics... or whatever the soundtrack of the day happens to be (we like to mix it up). We are passionate about our work, our art, our city and being the best at what we do."

"We pride ourselves on nailing down our clients individual editing styles through getting to know them as well as studying their work meticulously. Each client gets assigned their own editor, which builds a strong relationship over time and brings a lot of consistency to the editing, something we are very proud of."

"There are no minimums, and test runs are on-the-house! Find out more about us at http://theimagesalon.com "

Check out these before/after shots to see what we can do:

Photo above by Two Mann, edited as Best

Photo above by Julie Fulsher, edited as Basic+

Photo above by James Douglas, edited as Best


Please visite www.theimagesalon.com for more info and free upload of test photos.


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