Masters Podcast: S3 – Branding

Masters of Wedding Photography

Masters Podcast: S3 – Branding

This season is about what it takes to create a brand. How can you best handle this?

E01 - Story of Eve (Micheal Toman)

What does it take to create a brand?

Starting a business is one thing, but nurturing one that appeals to a target audience who see the value of investing at a premium price point is quite another.  In this episode videographer and photographer extraordinaire Michael Toman of Story of Eve talks about how he did exactly that and what practical advice he can offer to help us to start being more intentional about our own businesses.  

E02 – Anna Hardy

Crafting and working on your brand can feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. Today amazing family photographer and educator Anna Hardy talks about some practical steps to not only identify your ideal client but also the process of creating a brand that will resonate with them

E03 - Jenika Macdavitt

Are you struggling with either how to connect with your ideal client?

How to write Instagram captions that sound genuine? Crafting authentic website copy? In this episode, we talk to the founder Psychology for photographers of and “how to make an irresistible website” Jenika Mckdavitt about all these areas and more.

Listen as Ash gets to go on the psychologists' chair and get some emotional therapy of his own.

In other words, this was as insightful for us as we’re sure it will be for you.

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