Masters Podcast: S2 – Money

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Masters Podcast: S2 – Money

This season is about how to manage your money. Things we never really want to talk about but should.

E01 - Rhiannon Llewellyn

Will you control money or let it control you?

 When she found herself £30K in personal debt, Rhiannon Llewellyn knew change was needed. In this episode, she talks about the steps she took to get out of it and now always be in surplus.  Now a qualified financial coach she is helping  others to do the same.

E02 – Tom Wiliams

The things we never really want to talk about but should.

It’s not sexy but necessary! As creative business owners, there are a whole load of areas we should be keenly aware of when managing our money in the present, preparing for the future and at the same time making sure we protect everything we have going forward. In this episode, we chat with Tom Williams from Williams Wealth Management about why.

E03 - Tanner H Hicks

Creating the lifestyle you want, determining meaningful life goals and why making your money work and grow can help get you there.

 Money is like water, leave it and it will stagnate and evaporate.  Keep it flowing and it can be an asset to help finance the lifestyle you want.  In this episode, we talk to Tanner H Hicks about his thoughts on this.

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