Masters Podcast: S1 – Diversification

Masters of Wedding Photography

Masters Podcast: S1 – Diversification

this season is all about building your own business. How the wedding photographers have developed.

E01 - Melissa Love

In this episode successful self-confessed pivot queen, Melissa Love talks about how she went from various businesses from selling magazines on the street (true story) to international website designer to building an amazing online community that helps photographers and creatives market themselves.

In the current environment for photographers and creatives it’s as important as ever to use our passion and talents to be able to diversify our businesses and guarantee potential incomes through various ways - but at the same time remaining excited about what we do.

We talk to three business owners who are not only successful in the original businesses but faced with challenges were able to successfully pivot and find creative ways to build a new client base and come out stronger.

E02 – Sam Docker

From running a second-hand clothing store that had to be dissolved to starting a wedding photography business

Continuing our series on diversification Sam Docker international successful wedding photographer talks about how he’s had to diversify his businesses continually over the years.  Sometimes overnight! Online coaching and now mentoring as well as various commercial outlets, he talks about the challenges and thought processes that faced him each time.

E03 - Ami Robertson

The final episode on diversifying your business takes a look at the mental health and self-care aspects.

From dealing with anxiety, being in an abusive relationship, therapy and mental health challenges whilst still being able to run a wedding photography business whilst homeless to expanding the amazing Woman and the Wolf personal branding business in the middle of a pandemic whilst in the middle of a 600 miles walk raising money for a charity very close to her heart -  she’s seen and faced it all.

She talks about the ongoing challenges she faces whilst still being able to successfully grow and adapt her businesses as she moves forward.  You are sure to be inspired!

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