„My Favourite Image Was Made By Adieu Tristesse“ – Kristof Claeys

Masters of Wedding Photography

„My Favourite Image Was Made By Adieu Tristesse“ – Kristof Claeys

Well done Germany! You kept me busy all night going through your amazing images!

All images well executed, but some of them were very similar frames. Pictures like: toss the groom/bride in the air, crying couples, kids looking at the wedding cake,... This doesn't mean you can't submit this kind of images, but you really have to nail these frames to make it an original one and make a chance to be selected for a Masters Award. Congratulations for all those awarded with the nice, red logo on their image! For those disappointed not having an award; don't be! Learn from the winning images in this and previous collections and work hard to wow future judges with some original images. Believe in yourself! You can do this!

To catch a judges attention, the image really has to stand out next to the other submissions and this photographer made me look at his/her image several times. It's not a typical wedding image like mentioned above; it makes me think about it. The white veil suggests we are at a wedding. It looks like we are on a cargo plane, but I never have seen a plain with a veil. Is it a bus or a train? Intriguing! The nice line of the hand makes my imagination work too. Is it the bride or a bridesmaid? It might even be the second shooter taking a small rest during transportation to the next location! This composition makes me want to know all about this image. I have no idea if the others judges selected this one too, but for me: glückwunsch zu deinem überraschenden Bild!!


Kristof Claeys
Jury member 13th round Masters of German Wedding Photography


 Photo by Adieu Tristesse

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