„My Favourite Image Was Made By Martin Hecht“ – Denise Motz

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„My Favourite Image Was Made By Martin Hecht“ – Denise Motz

First of all, it was a great pleasure to go through all these different kind of images!

It’s really funny that I picked an image where you can’t really see it is shot at a wedding. This is where I also have my struggles when going through my own images. Does it fit in wedding photography or do you see an element of it coming back? There are so many great pictures that don’t get picked because of this. I think wedding photography is changing and we should change with it. We just have to trust the photographers in a way.

This image got me! Sometimes you are really in the moment and this is what happens here. You can hear them yelling, water splashing everywhere and the reaction of this waterbombing man is just priceless. At first, you see the man. When you look longer you begin to see the girls behind him, the splashy water and the whole story.

I like the raw editing work here, totally fits the image. The green light from the background gives a little extra to the ambience. All this fun and craziness made me laugh really hard and sometimes this is all you need!"


Denise Motz
Jury member 14th round Masters of German Wedding Photography

Photo by Martin Hecht


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