"This photo isn't the best technically or compositionally but if it is a photo that currently has an important value but in a few years will be a photo that will have a much greater value ( a treasure) because it will become a timeless memory. I believe that the best way to grow up our profession is to photograph more with the heart to make eternally the most important moments of our couples and also know how to put the price that corresponds to them given the responsibility of our work.

I meet many couples who would now pay a lot of money to have the photo with there grandpa hugging him at their wedding. Our photos are small time machines that remind us things that happened and people that are no longer with us there and that we do not want forget.

Congrats to all the winners and non-winners. I hope that all continue to work hard for all our couples.

Thanks for your trust"


Carlos Santanatalia
Jury member 14th round Masters of German Wedding Photography


Photo by Steven Herrschaft

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