Jury members of the Masters get to see a large amount of images. They have to say "YES" or "NO" to every image. We bring the votes of all three jury members together and whatever image gets two or three votes wins an award.

To get some extra information from the jury members about their way of thinking, we asked them what their favourite photo is and why.

English wedding photographer Ross Harvey was a jury member in the 4th round and picked the following image from Georgij Shugol.


photo by Georgij Shugol


"Picking a favourite was difficult for me, there is a handful that really grab my attention. Some wonderful colours, portraits and moments.

Having said that, emotion supersedes all. Emotive images hold an eternal power that creative shots can lose over the years. This shot has that power. It will be as powerful in 100 years as it is today. In fact, as time progresses its value will appreciate for the people involved.

There is an unparalleled beauty to an open heart."

-- Ross Harvey --



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